Scream On Demand - Monstergrams & Character Appearances

Monstergrams & Character Appearances – Guaranteed to Scare The S#%& out of Anyone You Send Them To

Screams aren’t just for Halloween! Hire a monster to scare the daylights out of your recipient. From birthday parties to graduation gifts, our monster appearances are great for live events, scare cams, photo opportunities, presenting gifts, and lots more.

Characters consist of Hollywood quality special effects makeup and costumes. Each of our monsters are veteran haunted attraction actors who understand the psychology of a good scare and know how to stay safe doing so. Have questions? Contact us here.

Due to COVID-19, some service areas may be unavailable for Monstergrams. Please note that our monsters are practicing physical distancing guidelines at each appearance.

Appearance Pricing

One Monster

$150 Per Hour

One monster on-site at your desired location for one hour in full character.

Three Monsters

$95 Per Hour Each

Three monsters on-site at your desired location for one hour each in full costume.

Note: Pricing does not include travel expenses and fees. Please inquire for a complete cost estimate. 

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JesterShadowDieselAll Three


Jester Character at Cinema of Horrors


Shadow Character at Cinema of Horrors


Diesel Character at Cinema of Horrors